I-Frontier offers the following products:


Decos Document Management Solutions

Decos is a high-quality document, record and workflow management solutions, based on know-how, innovation, flexibility and reliability.
Decos advantages:

  • Increased productivity & efficiency up to 50%
  • Fast access to the right information
  • Automation of time consuming business processes
  • Improved control over documents & document oriented processes
  • Reduction of paper handling & error-prone manual processes
  • Reduction of paper storage
  • Instant information on results & instant reports
  • Online access to information that was formerly available only on paper
  • Provide reliable & accurate audit trail & compliance
  • Improved tracking & monitoring Fortune


A selection of Decos solutions:
Document Management, Records Management, Contract Management, Case Management, Customer Relationship Management, Decos Connect (interfaces)


Mobile Solutions


  • Summit app
  • What2Where2 - app for events and emergencies
  • Surifeeds – app for SZF wachtdienstregeling, TBL movie schedule, petrol prices, exchange rates etc.
  • EBS Meter reading system
  • "Yepi Seti" - app where citizens can report issues from their neighborhood
  • KPS demo app - Retrieve information by license plate number


Human Resource Management Information System

Our HR solution consists of the applications iEmployee(HRM) and iPay (Payroll). iEmployee and iPay are the leading human resource management products in Suriname with more than 15.000 families are depending on these systems for their salaries. The leading companies in Suriname (IAMGold, Suralco, Telesur, FAI, Kersten, Surgold, Marriott, Assuria, Alembo, DSB, i-Frontier) are using our solution.
Our HR Solution is divided into 6 Sections called modules: General, Recruiting, Performance Management, Reward Management, Development & Employee Care.



iSale is a web-based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries for multiple companies. iSale can also be used in the services industry to create a work order, proposals and other inventory-related documents. Companies use iSale to avoid product overstock and outages. It is a tool for organizing inventory data.



iOptics is a complete solution for independent and multiple branch opticians with a strong emphases on inventory control. The software is based upon iSale and is also web-based and covers every process within the opticians industry.
Special features include:
Appointment handling, Automated SMS sending, Insurer claim handling, Inventory control, Eye Test, Patient & Relation management


Business intelligence (BI)

Our reference list includes:

  • Assuria Training, ETL, Olap, Reporting, Datawarehouse, Publishing
  • Surmac Training, Reporting
  • Surinam Airways Training, Reporting, Olap
  • Telesur ETL, Reporting, Datawarehouse, Dashboard, Publishing
  • Gulf Insurance Trinidad Training, Reporting
  • SZF Training, Reporting, Olap
  • IamGold, SBBS, Surgold Reporting
  • Vergelijk.nl ETL


Database Administration

i-Frontier is Oracle Gold Partner Almost all companies in Suriname that have an Oracle database are supported by i-Frontier. We can provide database licenses, give training courses in SQL/PL-SQL and Database Administration and provide database administration services.